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Hi everyone! ¬†Hope you are doing great on this Aloha Friday! ūüôā

Before I review the follow up treatment I received, I want to share something that was shared with me! ¬†About 2 weeks ago, I was helping in the kitchen at a funeral. ¬†I spoke with a friend who just did a cycle of clomid. ¬†She and her husband have been trying to start a family, which has been a challenge for them. ¬†She shared something I hadn’t heard before. ¬†The doctor treated her husband’s low sperm count with…(drumroll)…clomid! ¬†I was surprised. ¬†Since we didn’t experience that, I found it really interesting. ¬†SO, if you know someone whose spouse has low sperm count, tell them to talk with their doctor about clomid…it may be an option to inquire about and pursue. ¬†Not that low sperm count is a popular topic but if you know a couple that is trying, talking with their doctor doesn’t hurt.

Ok, back to my follow up. ¬†So, at home after my surgery wasn’t too eventful. ¬†I rested. ¬†I did have a little pain – cramping – but I refused to take a pill for it. ¬†It was bearable. ¬†Instead, I used my white flower oil to easy the cramping. ¬†The pain dissipated and I was comfortable. ¬†My doTerra oils had not arrived yet, so I used what I had available.

The next day, I received a call from the surgicenter checking on me.  The woman on the phone asked me if I took any medication for pain.  I proudly told her no.  Lol.  She asked me a few more questions related to my current status.  I explained to her that I felt fine.

I received my doTerra oils in the mail that day, which was great…little did I know I would need them. ¬†I looked through my post-op paperwork, which showed some of the things I may experience after surgery. ¬†The only thing applicable to me (besides the cramping)…constipation. ¬†I’ve been on birth control since May so constipation after the surgery reminded me of endometriosis and the pain I felt when I got my mense. ¬†However, I didn’t have my menses, so that was one less factor. ¬†Anyways! ¬†It was painful to use the bathroom so I decided to use my doTerra oil…DigestZen, which is a blend of 7 oils. ¬†The directions state to put 1 drop in 4 oz (1/2 cup) of water. ¬†I quickly drank it and then laid down to rest. ¬†My lip burned for a few minutes because of the peppermint oil contained in the blend. ¬†Obviously the oil touched my lip. ¬†Lol. ¬†The burn was nothing. ¬†The oil helped relieve my constipation. ¬†I’m glad I used it.

Well, I had a little less than 2 weeks before my post-op appointment with my Ob/Gyn and scan with Dr. Frattarelli. ¬†During that time, I received my bill in the mail. ¬†Yup, the bill for my surgery. ¬†I was worried about how much it would cost so I looked at my coverage plan and got an answer. ¬†I already knew that the surgery would cost me $15. ¬†It was a relief. ¬†So, when I saw the bill I was quite surprised! ¬†I saw on paper…$5,115.40 ¬†Yikes! ¬†Lol. ¬†The bill listed all the things that were used, including the OR, recovery room, anesthesia, etc. ¬†Man, some of those things are expensive! ¬†I’m glad I pay for cobra, even though that seems expensive too. ¬†I still only had to pay $15 but it showed the breakdown, which I found interesting.

The following week my appointments started up again! ¬†On one day I was scheduled to see Dr. Frattarelli and the next day I was scheduled to see my Ob/Gyn. ¬†So, on Monday, August 13, I went in for my appointment with Dr. Frattarelli. ¬†I was still taking the birth control and the lining of my uterus was thick, which I expected. ¬†My Ob/gyn followed up with Dr. Frattarelli, which is good. ¬†Good news…we’re on track for the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). ¬†Phew! ¬†What a relief! ¬†Of course, it’s temporary because things can change. ¬†I find it necessary to be grateful after each appointment.

So, that day I started taking 1 mg of Estrace (Estrogen) 2x/day and one 81mg aspirin 1/day. ¬†The Estrace is a small blue pill. ¬†It’s 2mg so I cut it in half to get the 1mg. ¬†I didn’t have my pill cutter so I just used a knife. ¬†Good thing the pill has an indention, it’s too small to break in half with your fingers. ¬†I tried.

In case you’re curious, here is a picture of what Estrace looks like. ¬†It’s about a 1/4″ in diameter, so it’s really small. ¬†The picture shows both sides of the pill. ¬†On the left is the letter “m” and on the right, you see an “e” and the number 5.

On Tuesday, August 14th, I went to see my Ob/Gyn. ¬†He also asked me how I felt and reviewed symptoms. ¬†My Ob/Gyn showed me a visual of the female reproductive system. ¬†He drew a picture for me showing me where the polyps were located. ¬†The only question I had was about the results. ¬†I knew my Ob/Gyn sent my polyps to the lab to be tested. ¬†I didn’t get the results. ¬†I wasn’t worried because I figured he would have called if it was bad news. ¬†Well, I was right. ¬†My Ob/Gyn apologized and confirmed that my polyps were benign. ¬†Yeah! ¬†I will never forget what he said. ¬†He was surprised that Dr. Frattarelli was able to find a polyp using ultrasound. ¬†I am definitely grateful that Dr. Frattarelli found a polyp and that my Ob/Gyn removed 3. ¬†When my Ob/Gyn explained that, I felt so comforted. ¬†I thought, yup I pray for my doctors!! ¬†By the way, the lab results for the polyps cost me around $20.

So, after those 2 appointments I knew that my surgery was successful and that we were moving forward with the FET. ¬†I had this thought…could I now become pregnant without ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I’m not going to try to find that out now. ¬†I’ve come this far, I’m going to follow through with the FET. ¬†Would be interesting though. ¬†I think I still have endometriosis, so probably not. ¬†Lol.

Anyways! ¬†According to my newest calendar I was instructed & responsible for taking birth control through August 17th. ¬†I have to admit…I like not having a period. ¬†I haven’t had a period since May. ¬†It’s nice not having cramps and pain. ¬†ūüôā ¬†The rest of my calendar depended on the first day of my menses. ¬†I had tentative dates scheduled but I wouldn’t know for sure until I got my menses. ¬†So, it was time to wait…

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My Surgery – Polyp Removal

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s time for a new post! ¬†It seems like I just wrote the last one! ¬†Lol. ¬†Trying to keep up with my one per week goal.

Ok, back to telling you about my surgery. ¬†The day before my surgery I reviewed everything in hopes of being a prepared as I could possibly be. ¬†I was still not at all worried about the surgery. ¬†In the early afternoon, my OB/GYN called. ¬†I was surprised to receive the call. ¬†He informed me that the previous surgery had been cancelled and asked if I wouldn’t mind coming in early. ¬†I willingly agreed. ¬†Less than half an hour later, the Surgicenter called to confirm my new arrival time. ¬†I agreed to be at the hospital @ 6:45am. ¬†Yikes! ¬†Lol. ¬†This meant that my surgery would be around 8:45am.

I had to go to sleep early but that didn’t happen. ¬†The olympics were on late & I stayed up to watch. ¬†So, needless to say, I was definitely tired the next day. ¬†I took my thyroid medicine with a sip of water, as instructed. ¬†We pretty much got up, got ready, and left. ¬†My gracious husband drove (with no traffic, yeah!) and we walked to admissions, right @ 6:45am. ¬†Phew! ¬†All I had was my ID and medical card. ¬†I needed that in order to check in.

In admissions the lady asked me a few questions, I signed another consent, and then put the tag around my wrist.  Then we were off to the Surgicenter.  Since the hospital was undergoing construction in different areas, we were routed to a different elevater to the 4th floor.  We went through a very short maze before arriving at the Surgicenter.  I handed the receptionist the envelop labeled O.R.  It contained 2 documents that I had from my pre-op appointment.  We sat down and watched TV while waiting to be called in.

It wasn’t long before I was called and we followed the nurse to an area. ¬†I say area because it’s not a room. ¬†It’s a bed separated by curtains. ¬†It’s not the most private but it’s sufficient for the surgery I was having. ¬†It is kind of funny because you can hear conversations and questions that are asked & you know it’s going to be your turn soon.

The nurse brought in a chair for my husband and I sat on the bed. ¬†She instructed me on how to get dressed and then closed the curtain. ¬†I gotta say, that was one of the weirdest procedures I’ve done. ¬†So, I undressed, put my clothes in the bag provided and then my slippers in a separate bag, that was also provided. ¬†Then came the interesting part.

On the wall was a chart/visual for the cleansing. ¬†I’m not even sure what to call it. ¬†Lol. ¬†I had to wipe my body down with wipes. ¬†It’s not like I was at all dirty, but it’s part of their preparation for surgery. ¬†I think everyone has to do it. ¬†Anyways! ¬†There were 3 small packages of antiseptic wipes, 3 wipes in each. ¬†They were thick and warm. ¬†I know…very interesting. ¬†Each wipe was for a specific area and I had to wipe in a downward motion. ¬†So, I faced the wall and followed the chart. ¬†It took a couple minutes. ¬†My husband helped me because I couldn’t reach my entire back. ¬†Lol. ¬†I’m laughing as I write this because I’m thinking about how awkward that felt for me. ¬†I understood the reasoning behind it, I just never had to do that before. ¬†The good thing about the wipes was that they didn’t leave a residue or sticky feeling.

After that adventure, I put on the robe, socks, and hair cap. ¬†The robe was heavier than I expected and hot. ¬†There were vents in various places and a system that could be attached to the vent to make it cooler. ¬†I didn’t use that. ¬†I was ok, it wasn’t like I was really hot. ¬†I was comfortable. ¬†Here I am all dressed & ready to go, waiting for the nurse to do my IV and ask me a bunch of questions. ¬†Shucks, you can’t see my purple paw socks. ¬†Lol.

My husband opened the curtain and we waiting for the nurse to come back. ¬†When she did, she took my vitals, and then asked me what seemed like, endless questions. ¬†She asked me what time I took my thyroid medicine, when the last time I used the restroom, what other medications I’m taking, family history stuff, etc. ¬†I can’t remember everything she asked me. ¬†Then, she left and a different nurse came by to verify…and asked pretty much the same questions. ¬†My husband & I just laughed because it seemed so repetitive.

My Ob/gyn stopped my to check on me. ¬†Then the anesthesiologist came by and explained what he would be doing and again asked some of the same questions. ¬†Another one they ask a lot is your name and birthdate. ¬†It’s funny because it’s on the tag on my wrist. ¬†Lol.

I thought it was interesting that the anesthesiologist didn’t put my IV in, the nurse did. ¬†My husband again had a close view of that. ¬†He’s funny. ¬†Just like my egg retrieval, he tells me that the needle is big. ¬†Lol. ¬†It went fine for me. ¬†The only thing that was different this time was that I felt the nurse put the IV in. ¬†It didn’t hurt, I just felt the movement of it. ¬†The pink thing on the left, I felt that. ¬†Sorry, I don’t know what that’s called.

By this time it was a little after 8:00am. ¬†I didn’t feel rushed. ¬†We had breaks here and there. ¬†We were taking it easy & laughing.

The OR nurse came to check on me and ask me questions, same ones. ¬†Lol. ¬†Oh ya, and they ask you why you’re there – what procedure you’re having. ¬†She explained that they were going to wheel me over to the OR in a little bit. ¬†I said ok and then we waited about 15 minutes.

So, between 8:15 & 8:30am the OR nurse returned. ¬†My husband took my clothes and then sat in the waiting room for me. ¬†I, on the other hand, went to the right and out a door. ¬†We went down the hall and then took 2 more right turns…that was it. ¬†It was a really short ride.

Upon entering the OR, I was overwhelmed by the lights and bombarded by all the people. ¬†I laid flat on the bed and the OR nurse whispered in my ear. ¬†She told me that there would be a lot going on and that I would be ok. ¬†I felt fine, I was surprised at everything in there. The room was large, complete with very bright lights and equipment. ¬†The lights looked like there were mounted from the ceiling, almost 2 feet in diameter with a lot of individual bulbs in them. ¬†That didn’t include the regular room lights. ¬†Then there was a huge monitor that was mounted from the ceiling as well. ¬†It was probably 30-40″. ¬†I’m almost sure it was for the camera. ¬†There was something on the right of me, about a foot away. ¬†I didn’t look at it because I was too busy looking at everything else. ¬†I saw cabinets too.

The nurse wheeled me right next to a table, covered with a white linen. ¬†She asked me to scoot over and while I was doing that they would untie my robe so my back was directly on the linen. ¬†I moved over and down so my bottom was near the end of table. ¬†As I laid there the OR nurse and another person attached pieces to the table, like arms. ¬†One was for my arm with the IV and the other was for my arm with the blood pressure cuff. ¬†It seemed like the table was just my size. ¬†If I turned either way I would fall off. ¬†Anyways! ¬†There were people everywhere. ¬†I didn’t know who they all were but I was sure they had a purpose in being there.

Right before they were ready to do the surgery, my Ob/gyn came over and talked to me. ¬†While he explained what they were going to do, I dozed off. ¬†How rude, huh? ¬†That’s all I remember. ¬†Lol. ¬†The next thing I know, I’m in the recovery room. ¬†In there I had a 3rd nurse. ¬†When I got up, I really had to pee. ¬†She was surprised that I was awake. When I asked, she told I had only been in there for 15 minutes. ¬†I told her I had to pee and she said ok. ¬†She asked me to lift up my but and then she put a tray or something underneath. ¬†When everything was ready, she told me I could pee. ¬†So, I did…and it was weird. ¬†She put a fishnet panty thing with a pad on me. ¬†Even though I was awake, I still felt tired and drowsy. ¬†After that the nurse told me she would check on a few patients and then take me back to the Surgicenter. ¬†I agreed and then rested a little more.

I had no idea what time it was since I left everything at home.  The nurse came back and wheeled me toward the Surgicenter.  On our short ride there, I saw my Ob/gyn.  He said that everything went great and that they removed 3 polyps.  I was surprised and grateful.  He told me he talked with my husband and gave him a picture of one of the polyps.  He sent my polyps to the lab to find out if there were malignant or benign.  I was curious to see the picture.

After our brief conversation, I was back in the Surgicenter.  My husband brought my clothes and we waited a little while.  I had to wait for the nurse to take off my IV.  My recovery room nurse gave me a free water bottle.  It was their thank you gift due to all the construction.  The nurse removed my IV, bandaged it up and then I changed.

Here is my hand all bandaged up!

My husband opened the curtain and the nurse came back.  She inquired about how I was doing.  I was fine.  She offered water or apple juice.  I went for the apple juice.  We shared it.  Then she told my husband to meet us at the drop off.  I thought we were going to walk to the car.  Nope!  The nurse said that because I was given anesthesia, I would not be allowed to walk anywhere.  So, she brought the wheelchair for me.  Lol.  It was my first ride in a wheelchair.  It was great not having to walk all that distance to the car.  My husband pulled up and I got in.  I thanked the nurse and then we were on our way home.

I looked at the picture and we talked about the whole process.  When we got home it was a little after 11:00am.  My husband made lunch and then I relaxed for the rest of the day.  Watching the olympics helped pass the time.

Here is what one of the polyps looked like. ¬†The picture looks big but the actual size is about an inch square. ¬†It’s really very small. ¬†Cool huh? ¬†Sorry, it’s a picture of my picture.

After surgery, there’s always follow up.

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My Surgery Date!

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Getting a surgery date was much harder than I expected. ¬†When I called to talk with my OB/GYN, I was informed that he was on vacation for 2 weeks. ¬†I just shook my head in disbelief. ¬†Seriously? ¬†I thought, “What are the odds of that?” ¬†Lol. ¬†The only option I had at that point was to schedule a phone call appointment with my OB/GYN upon his return. ¬†I inquired about having another doctor do the surgery but when I talked to the nurse, that didn’t seem to be an option. ¬†I couldn’t do anything about it…I just had to wait. ¬†For the next couple of days, I was annoyed…just because. ¬†I estimated that the earliest date for my surgery would be at the end of July or maybe early August. ¬†Then I gauged that my ET would probably be pushed back to late August or September. ¬†I wouldn’t be able to confirm that until after my phone call appointment on July 16th @ 4:30pm.

While I waited, I confirmed with my IVF coordinator, via email, that there was only 1 polyp. ¬†She checked with Dr. Frattarelli and confirmed it – only 1 polyp. ¬†I also spent my time researching polyps. ¬†At that point I wasn’t sure how big or small the polyp was but I knew I would be ok. ¬†A uterine polyp is pretty much a growth on the lining of the uterus. ¬†It can look like a bump or hang like a tear drop and can range in size. ¬†I know that sounds quite gross but that’s the only way I can explain it right now. ¬†Lol.

The day of my phone appointment arrived, July 16th. ¬†When 4:30pm rolled around, I expected my phone to ring. ¬†I tried to keep my phone nearby so I would’t miss the call. ¬†I had all day to think about what the doctor might say. ¬†Time seemed to tick away and still no call. ¬†4:35pm, 4:40pm, 4:45pm. ¬†Still no call. ¬†I wondered if my OB/GYN would call or not. ¬†I thought, “I really don’t want to call tomorrow wondering why no one called me.” ¬†4:50pm, 4:55pm, my patience was being tested. ¬†Then a little after 5:00pm, my phone rang…it was my OB/GYN. ¬†Phew!

As I explained the purpose of the appointment, my OB/GYN noted that he had not received any information from Dr. Frattarelli. ¬†He noted that he briefly check his mail but hadn’t seen anything, but he still had more to look through. ¬†I was quite surprised that after 2 weeks, my OB/GYN hadn’t received information about my polyp. ¬†So, I briefly updated my OB/GYN. ¬†He said he would follow up with Dr. Frattarelli.

I waited as he looked for an open date for the operation room. ¬†My OB/GYN quickly scheduled my surgery for July 31st and said he would have his nurse call me the next day. ¬†I agreed, of course! ¬†Wouldn’t you? ¬†I just wanted it to be done with so I took the earliest date I was offered. ¬†The phone appointment took about 20-25 minutes total. ¬†I realized after we hung up that I knew the date, but not the time. ¬†Oops! ¬†But it was ok because I knew the nurse was going to call me the next day. ¬†This is one way I feel that being laid off has been a blessing. ¬†I didn’t need to take the day off or call in sick or anything like that. ¬†Much less stress.

The following day, the nurse called me.  She scheduled a pre-op appointment for July 27th & reviewed some of the things I needed to prepare for.  I asked her about the time of the surgery and she told me 10:00am.  Then she explained that at my pre-op appointment, she would review more information with me and I would most likely have to do blood work.  That was fine with me!

It was such a relief to have my surgery date. ¬†I assumed it would be similar to my egg retrieval. ¬†I didn’t worry about it.

The date for my pre-op appointment came quickly. ¬†I checked in and sat on a chair waiting to be called. ¬†I saw a note on the board that said my OB/GYN was running 45 minutes to an hour late. ¬†Oh dear, I thought. ¬†I geared up for a long wait. ¬†To my surprise, my name was called about 10 minutes later. ¬†I’m grateful I didn’t wait too long.

The nurse took my height, weight, and vitals Рblood pressure, temperature, and pulse.  She asked me a few questions related to family history and date of the first day of my last menses.  You know, the same basic questions.  She escorted me to the exam room where she asked me to remove my clothing from the waist down.  The nurse gave me a disposable sheet and then told me the doctor would be in soon.

A few minutes later, my OB/GYN knocked on the door and came in with the nurse.  He briefly checked my uterus and breathing.  It was a really quick appointment, maybe 5 minutes.  Then, as instructed I changed & met with the doctor in his office.

He explained, with a visual aid what a polyp looks like in the uterus. ¬†He continued with talking me through the procedure. ¬†I listened attentively and learned that the doctor would be using a camera to look into my uterus. ¬†Apparently, using a camera is much more accurate than the ultrasound when it comes to locating polyps. ¬†So cool. ¬†We discussed some of the side effects and that I should expect some spotting for a few days. ¬†The doctor also explained that the polyp would be cut off with a scissors. ¬†I’m sure it’s a special kind of scissors. ¬†Pretty interesting to me!

My OB/GYN also told me what time I needed to arrive at the hospital. ¬†Since my surgery was scheduled for 10:00am I needed to be there 2 hours prior – 8am. ¬†I was also instructed (just like my egg retrieval) not to eat anything after midnight the night before my procedure. ¬†The day of the surgery, I was instructed to take my thyroid medicine with a sip of water. ¬†That was it, nothing else. ¬†Since I was having an outpatient surgery and would be receiving light sedation, I needed to arrange to be picked up. ¬†I would not be allowed to drive home nor would I be released without an adult. ¬†Lol. ¬†That sounds funny but they’re quite adement about someone being with you. ¬†We reviewed the pre-op instructions, which I just explained, and then signed. ¬†We also reviewed a consent which stated the purpose of the procedure, anesthesia, and medical treatment. ¬†The doctor & I signed that form. ¬†He asked if I had any questions. ¬†At the time I only had one question.

My question was this….since he was removing the polyp, could he also remove the ovarian cysts? ¬†I figured since I was going to be under anesthesia, why not? ¬†Lol. ¬†Well, the answer was no. ¬†But it was ok. ¬†The doctor explained that ovarian cysts are removed through the belly button, not vaginally. ¬†I thought that was interesting and it made sense. ¬†It seemed so obvious after he explained it.

After leaving his office I walked a short distance to the nurses desk.  She briefly reviewed the pre-op paper and the consent.  She put the originals in an envelop labeled for the O.R. with my name on it.  She instructed me to bring that envelop with me on the day of my surgery and hand it to the receptionist at the O.R.  Then she gave me my copies of the two forms and I was off to the lab.

At the lab, I did a urine test and blood work. ¬†First the urine test, which I always seems weird to me, and then I waited to be called for blood work. ¬†There were a handful of people waiting so I knew I had a few minutes before I would be called. ¬†It wasn’t long before it was my turn. ¬†I went in and requested the wrap instead of the tape. ¬†I make it a point to ask for the wrap because the tape is horrible. ¬†It rips the hairs off my skin and leaves a residue that has to be scraped off. ¬†Not fun. ¬†Plus, I think going to Dr. Frattarelli’s has spoiled me. ¬†They always use the wrap, which is great. ¬†The phlebotomist found my vein easily so I was out of there fast. ¬†My entire pre-op appointment, including lab work, was about an hour.

All done!  Now, all I had to do was wait a few more days until the surgery.  In the meantime, I emailed my IVF coordinator and she sent me an updated calendar.  With all the postponing and changes that arose, this was my 3rd and hopefully last calendar.

I was ready! ūüôā

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We have some new subscribers!! ¬†Yay! ¬†Thank you for joining in on the journey! ūüôā

Almost immediately after I published my last post, I said out loud, “Oops!” ¬†I realized that I forgot to mention something, something big. ¬†I don’t know how it slipped my mind! ¬†So, before I talk about my SIS, I’m going to rewind a little.

Ok, here it is. ¬†A week and a half after beginning the birth control pills again (early June) I was informed by my employer that they would be restructuring. ¬†I was not alone in this, at all. ¬†2 weeks and then I would be out of a job. ¬†Words can’t adequately express the many emotions I felt at that time. ¬†I felt SO many different emotions. ¬†I felt angry, worthless, disposable, protective (of others), distraught, etc. ¬†For the first few days after receiving this news, I was furious. ¬†I did not like the way the lay off was done. ¬†I went in one day and cleaned out everything! ¬†I made the decision to use some of my leave and not return. ¬†I think I went in one more day but that was it.

The lay off brought much more dynamics to what I already felt was a complicated task – IVF. ¬†At that point I felt such a burden. ¬†I wondered what would come of our efforts to try to start a family. ¬†I contemplated whether or not to search for work. ¬†I had so many more questions than I had answers for. ¬†I knew what I had to do, I just didn’t want to do it. ¬†There were 2 things I knew for sure…1 I had to file for unemployment, and 2, I had to pay COBRA.

In order to maintain my medical coverage and continue with IVF, I had to pay for COBRA. ¬†During open enrollment, my husband changed insurance companies so at the time of the lay off, we had different medical coverages. ¬†Unfortunately, in the state of Hawaii, when you do IVF and something comes up, if you don’t continue coverage, you forfeit the only opportunity you’ll have. ¬†I was not about to give that up. ¬†Technically, insurance only covers one chance. ¬†It felt like such a huge sacrifice because now I had to pay the full coverage for medical insurance. ¬†But, it was necessary and temporary. ¬†I can switch to my husband’s insurance once the IVF cycle is completed.

Filing for unemployment was another frustrating process. ¬†Even with the handbook, powerpoint, and instructions, the process proved to be a daunting one. ¬†I’m glad I didn’t go through it alone. ¬†Once you get through the first few steps, it gets easier. ¬†I think that’s all I’m going to say about that. ¬†If you need assistance, let me know. ¬†I’ll help you!!

Through all of those emotions (and this experience), I still felt relieved. ¬†It might seem to be kind of weird but I was glad to leave. ¬†My philosophy and thoughts on the lay off simply come down to this – a company that doesn’t value me doesn’t deserve me. ¬†I decided not to let the lay off bother me and moved on to more important things. ¬†The lay off has been a blessing.

Ok, now that you’re all caught up with that, I can talk about my SIS.

So, like I mentioned in my last post, my IVF coordinator emailed me my new calendar and scheduled my next appointment. ¬†My new calendar revealed that my ET (embryo transfer) would now be scheduled for July 30th. ¬†It was pushed back because of the delay in my thyroid test results. ¬†So my once July 25th ET was now 5 days later. ¬†I sarcastically told my husband, “I’ve been waiting forever already, what’s 5 more days.” ¬†Lol. ¬†Things can always be worse, but why dwell on that…it doesn’t help. ¬†Honestly, you really have to be able to laugh, put things in perspective, and at times search for joy in the little successes. ¬†It’s not always easy to do but it has its rewards.

I went in on July 2 for my SIS, in preparation for my ET on July 30th. ¬†Prior to this, I’d never heard of a SIS. ¬†Saline Infusion Sonogram (SIS), also called a sonohysterography, is a test that looks at the shape of the uterus. ¬†The saline solution is like the dye of HSG test, it acts as a contrast to help the doctor look at the uterus, using ultrasound. ¬†The SIS is similar to the HSG test, I’ve mentioned previously. ¬†Minor cramping can occur. ¬†It took less than 5 minutes.

On the day of my appointment, I forgot about the SIS and I didn’t do my research. ¬†I guess I was distracted with the lay off that I didn’t read up about it. ¬†Maybe that was a good thing, maybe not. ¬†The doctor was behind schedule so I had time to talk with my IVF coordinator. ¬†She reviewed with me the calendar and the medicines I would be starting that evening. ¬†I didn’t have my blood taken just my vitals – blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. ¬†The doctor came in and did the SIS. ¬†He put the speculum in, catheter and then the solution. ¬†I felt a bit of cramping but it was bearable. ¬†The doctor pushed the monitor toward me so I could see. ¬†I saw a little oval. ¬†The doctor took a picture of it and then zoomed in closer for a better view.

With a closer view, I saw bigger oval with a white line through most of it. ¬†Dr. Frattarelli explained that the oval shape was a polyp, which would hinder our embryos from attaching to the lining of the uterus. ¬†Therefore, it needed to be removed surgically…before proceeding any further. ¬†I was absolutely speechless and it felt as though things were going in slow motion. ¬†I was overcome with disbelief and then reality set it. ¬†Yet another postponing of the ET.

When I began this journey I compared it to a roller coaster ride, this was definitely one of those rides. ¬†I cried the whole drive home (about 30 minutes). ¬†It felt like deja vu. ¬†I questioned my pursuit of becoming pregnant. ¬†I felt like there was so much adversity, it was too much to bear. ¬†I felt so sensitive that day, I needed time to myself. ¬†But having too much time to think about things isn’t always helpful either.

That evening, my sister-in-law called inviting us over to play “Dance Central 2” on xbox 360. ¬†I was so emotional I thought it would be better to stay home. ¬†I reluctantly agree to go. ¬†I knew my parents were there and I was apprehensive because I knew the moment I saw any member of my family, I would immediately start crying. ¬†I ¬†wasn’t ready for that, so I thought. ¬†As I made the less than 5 minute drive over, my eyes watered in anticipation. ¬†What was I going to do?

I wiped the tears from my face, took a few deep breaths, told myself it would be ok, and went in.  I was met with so much love and kindness, I was surprised I kept my composure.  I wanted to cry but I felt that was selfish.  I needed to forget myself Рmy heartache, pain, and sorrow Рand enjoy the moment.  In other words, I had to suck it up and leave my personal feelings outside.  It was more than just about me.

I tried my best. ¬†As I’ve reflected on that night, I had such a fun evening with my family. ¬†I don’t think they will ever know how much they helped me that night. ¬†As I made the short drive home, I felt such relief. ¬†I was so proud of myself…I didn’t cry.

I was responsible for contacting my regular OB/GYN to schedule surgery. ¬†I¬†knew the surgery date was not up to me. ¬†I could gage when the surgery might be but I wouldn’t know until I called my OB/GYN. ¬†Dr. Frattarelli requested that I give my OB/GYN a day before calling, that way he had time to send the appropriate notes/information to my OB/GYN. ¬†So, I called my OB/GYN the next day.

Little did I know, I would have to endure a little more…

Next post: My Surgery Date!

FYI: I’m going to be launching another website soon…! ¬†I’m excited!! ūüôā